Sharafat Ali Shawkat

Co-Founder & Mentor, Chittagong SHORT

A very cultural minded young person Sharafat was born in Sitakund, Chittagong. From his school life he used to perform at various cultural functions which motivated him to prepare himself as a person of this sector. In the age of 2008-2011 he served as a volunteer in many social organizations. His only purpose was to make a better option to survive with the people around us. He believes in team work. From 2011 he started working behind the camera. He assisted some prominent filmmakers of Bangladesh and acquired basic knowledge of filmmaking. His high interest of making and framing sense drive him to be a professional cinematographer in the next years. His way of thinking, storytelling, observation of life produced 3 short films and many other professional videos. Since he is a student of English Language & Literature he generated literature as the subject of his film. A good connectivity with people brought him to NOKSHA, and there was enough expediency to appoint him as an assistant manager in multimedia section. He has also undertaking to maintain Chittagong SHORT activities as a Co-Founder & Mentor of this CSR project. Now Sharafat acting as Chief Operating Officer, NOKSHA Films & Media and the Head of Creative of magazine EYE as well.